HOPES is working to alleviate the negative effects of poverty experienced by the students and families in MPS. HOPES is currently serving Capitol Heights Middle School (CHMS) to provide the basic necessities of its most underprivileged students. HOPES supports CHMS by providing food, clothing, tutoring, and teacher/administrator support..

HOPES provides school uniforms (shirts and pants), shoes, coats, hats, gloves, eyeglasses, and hygiene products to students. HOPES also delivers on a weekly basis food to families in need, providing essential food items like eggs, bread, and milk. Providing these basic necessities, along with MPS’s provision of two meals a day, allows the children and their families to shift their focus from survival to education.

HOPES has established a tutoring program with CHMS, which has been indefinitely postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When able to begin again, HOPES will provide tutoring to students in need of help as identified by the CHMS administration. According to statistics from the 2018-19 school year at CHMS, 15% of 6th graders, 14% of 7th graders, and 13% of 8th graders are proficient in reading; and 17% of 6th graders, 9% of 7th graders, and 9% of 8th graders are proficient in math. There is a need for academic tutoring at CHMS and HOPES will work to ensure that students have access to tutoring programs.

Teachers and administrators face many obstacles in providing an effective and positive learning environment. HOPES works to support teachers and administrators in overcoming those obstacles. HOPES provides encouragement and support in numerous ways, such as: providing books for the library; providing breakfast/lunch for teachers and administrators on professional development days; providing needed supplies; painting classrooms and offices; and serving athletic teams.

Today, HOPES is meeting some of the basic needs of some of the students in need at CHMS; HOPES desires to meet all of the basic needs of all of the students in need. With your help, we can accomplish this goal.

In the future, HOPES wants to expand beyond serving exclusively at CHMS and begin serving other MPS schools. All children in MPS are valuable and have the potential to contribute to our society in a positive way. HOPES wants to meet MPS students, families, teachers, and administrators where they are, provide care and encouragement, and walk with them into a better Montgomery.