Currently, HOPES works exclusively with Capitol Heights Middle School (CHMS). Over the past several years, the founders of HOPES have established a strong relationship with CHMS. HOPES is working with CHMS students, families, teachers, and administrators to learn about the exact needs at CHMS and how to best address them. CHMS has approximately 600 students in 6th to 8th grades, many of whom are currently living below the federal poverty level. Some of the CHMS students do not have access to essential food, clothing, and hygiene items. Academically, CHMS is ranked 418 out of 432 middle schools in Alabama. The CHMS students are some of the most marginalized and voiceless in the City of Montgomery.

The needs identified at CHMS are representative of the needs throughout MPS. HOPES is working to secure additional resources to meet the needs in schools in addition to CHMS.